Do you hesitate wearing athletic wear that might make you stand out?  Do you believe you "can't wear" certain, colors, patterns, or trends? Pressure on women to look young and model-thin contributes to the lack of body confidence in women today. While social media is slowly featuring more diverse body types, these changes needs to happen more quickly. Our mission is to debunk misconceptions about what women fear they cannot wear. We believe wardrobe choices should be a natural extension of a woman's energy and personality. We are here to introduce wardrobe ideas that are bright, colorful, supportive and inspire body confidence. 


No Limits Threads was inspired by a desire to empower women to pursue their goals and dreams in fitness and beyond. My mission is to create pieces that inspire women to feel confident and beautiful. This company is formed on the premise that women can do whatever they set out to do. No glass ceilings, no cookie-cutter body types, NO LIMITS.   


Currently in the United States only 3% of total philanthropy goes to environmental causes.  To that end, No Limits Threads (under parent company Tara Hunt Designs) is a member partner of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. Businesses that join this organization commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to nonprofit partners (like Oceana, The Nature Conservancy, and the World Wildlife Fund and so many more).  I feel there is a huge opportunity to do our part to take responsibility for driving positive change by helping to fund initiatives that keep our oceans blue, our planet green, and our animals safe. 


My signature patterns are unique, not found on Amazon or department stores. My clothes are custom-made and not mass-produced.  Each item is hand-cut and sewn. Each design is made to coordinate with other complimentary items in a color capsule. You can find these capsules in the "Look Book" in our main menu. Tara Hunt designs celebrates and features  beauty of all sizes. We sell plus sizes 1X-4X as well as all kid and teen sizes 18 mo-18 years.


My designs explore themes of the tropics and marine-life. I use acrylics, alcohol inks, and graphic design create my patterns. My designs are heavily influenced by my childhood in South Florida, California, and North Carolina where I currently reside. Those interested in fine art prints of my designs can find these on Etsy.  


"Don't be afraid to be bold on your way to the top"

Tara Hunt