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Dancing Koi Original Painting

Dancing Koi Original Painting

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Dancing Koi" is an original acrylic painting measuring 36 X 48 inches and professionally framed. Total dimensions with frame 36.5 X 48.5 inches. I was inspired by two things when creating this piece.. Matisse's painting "La Dance" which features orange dancers against a beautiful blue background, and photos from my visit to the Getty Museum which featured several exquisite pools of orange Koi. Looking at the Koi moving so smoothly through the water reminded me of Matisse's work so strongly that I had to create "Dancing Koi".

The frame for Dancing Koi is custom-made. Cost without frame: $625. Cost does not include shipping. All paintings shipped through professional packing service to assure no damages during shipping.   If you live in Charlotte, I will hand deliver free of charge.

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