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Out of the Shallows Original painting

Out of the Shallows Original painting

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For many people around the world this year, life has been extraordinarily difficult. World events have caused deep grief and sadness world-wide.  As an artist, I feel that the art we create is a reflection of the ideas, feelings and beliefs of our time.  Artists communicate sadness, hope, and joy through use of light, color, and subject.  

 This piece captures the zeitgeist of this particular period of history.  Called "Out of the Shallows", this painting hints at the darkness that exists in the human condition.   As an observer, world events can cause feelings of hopelessness and grief. The blue-green depths in this painting represent unrest and the unknown. However, fighting their way to the surface, lotuses and Lily pads bring hope and redemption.  In nature,  lilypads survive regardless of the murky conditions beneath. Nature is resilient, and as humans, so are we.  While progress towards goodness may not be linear or clear, there is hope that humanity can resolve our challenges in time. With hope and prayer, we can emerge from the muddy shallows and into the light. 

Size: 24 X 30 (Frame adds an additional inch for 25 X 31

Medium: oil 


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