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Swarovski Crystal Hummingbird Original Painting

Swarovski Crystal Hummingbird Original Painting

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Give a gift of nature with this charming hand-painted hummingbird painting. A dazzling jewel of a hummingbird, adorned with iridescent feathers in every shade of the rainbow hovers gracefully beside a sunlit yellow flower. I painted this 6X 6 inch beauty with miniature nail brushes, detailing the outlines of the hummingbird in gleaming gold. I added sparkling authentic Swarovski crystal stones to the azure sky for a touch of whimsy. This is more than a just an ordinary gift; it's a tiny work of art for a bird lover or gardener!

Medium: oil and blue Swarovski crystals

Size: 6 inches X 6 inches X 1.5 inches. 

I would be glad to gift wrap this tiny painting and hand deliver if you live in Charlotte! I ship to anywhere in the US. 

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